Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trojan horse is how to work

Trojan horse is how to work

Trojans generally include both client and server programs, the application client for the attacker remote control trojaned machine, server-side program that is Trojan. Attacker to attack your system through Trojan, he did the first step is to plant Trojan server-side program into your PC.

Trojan invasion currently the main way to come before the horse through the implementation of some of the ways to get files to be the attacker's computer system, there are ways to use e-mail attachments, downloading software, medium, and then some tips deliberately misled by the attacker to open the implementation file such as deliberately lied to the Trojan executable file is your friend sent you a greeting card, you may open this file, do have cards screen appears, but the time may have been quietly horse running in your background. Trojan executable file in general is very small, mostly a few tens of K to K, if the horse tied to the other normal files, you hard to find, so there are some website to download the software is often bundled with a trojan file You perform these downloaded files, to run a Trojan horse.

Trojans can also Script, ActiveX and Asp.CGI way interactive script implanted, due to Microsoft's browser in the implementation of Senipt there are some loopholes in the script. An attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities to spread viruses and trojans, or even directly on the viewer computer file manipulation control. Not long ago offered the emergence of a script using Microsoft Scripts vulnerability of the visitors hard drive formatted HTML page. If the attacker has a way to attack Trojan executable file downloaded to host WWW directory folder inside an executable, he can attack through the development of CGI programs in the implementation of the host Trojans directory. In addition, the Trojan can also use the system implanted some loopholes, such as Microsoft's well-known US server overflow through a IISHACK attack program can make IIS server crashes, and also attack the server, the implementation of remote trojan executable.

When the server program on the infected machine after a successful run, the attacker can use the client and server establish a connection, and further control the infected machine. The client and server communication agreement, the vast majority of Trojans are using TCP / IP protocol, but there are some Trojans due to special reasons, using the UDP protocol to communicate. When the server running on the infected machine after it on the one hand

Hide themselves somewhere inside the computer, to prevent discovery by the user; while monitoring a particular port, waiting for the client to connect to their access; addition to the next restart your computer still works fine. Trojans usually by modifying the registry or other means allow themselves to be self-starting program.

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